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The 777 Kingdom

777:change the world

Seven-hundred Seventy Seven 

It's all about symbols. When you see 747 you probably think: jet. When you see 911 you probably think: emergency. When you see 666 you probably think: the devil. Revelation uses the number 666 as the number of the antichrist, the one who kills God's followers. The number 6 represents a failure, in ancient Hebrew culture. 7 though means completion, perfection. People who are proud of the number 666 are people who think it's cool to be evil, to fight against peaceful messages of christianity or buddhism, or whatever. To be part of the number 777 means you're ready to top that. Shock the world, but not with violence and anger. Shock them with loyalty temperance virtue honor and nobility. Anything short of changing the world is failure for us.


The bottle holds no answers
His lips can only sway
Chemicals imbalance
Who needs them anyway?
Desire is close at hand
Her lips can only sway
There's more to life than this
Don't give yourself away
And we could change, we could change it down
We could change the world, we could strike the chord