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The 777 Kingdom
wisdom:don't hate it

  • If you fight against angry people with anger you aren't understanding life. If you relax, you can relax the one who's angry. Hate only brings pain to everyone, so the wise don't hate. -- Buddha


  • Don't chase after pleasure that fades. Don't try to get posessions that can be stolen or broken. Pile up treasure in your heart. -- Jesus


  • No one can hide who they really are. Just watch what they do, and how they do things. Now does what that persons says agree with what he does? -- Confucius


  • I think highly of people who are so concerned about fixing their bad habits, that they spend no time trying to correct others. -- Mohammed


  • Don't be jealous of evil people; just keep following the Way. Don't be jealous because your future is bright, they have no hope. -- Solomon

modern wisdom

You may not like all I have to say
But you can't prove that everything is filled with empty words
I know my life and inside how I've changed
A testimony to the truth I speak
There's nothing you can say
That will take me away from this life
There's nothing you can do
To shut me up when I'm speaking the truth