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The 777 Kingdom
What is Man?

Man is not a crude beast, as many would suggest, but quite a valiant creature simply infected with a metaphysical illness. Imagine the most majestic creature, a stallion, a lion, a grizzly, whatever your preference. Now, in your minds eye see this creature with its eyes gouged, its skin burned, its fur shaven, and its legs broken. How majestic is it now? How doe we long after its qualities now? What makes it powerful, what makes it venerable has just been taken away. The question now is should we honor the beast, though it be fallen, or should we pity the beast, because it is fallen. This is the situation we now face with ourselves as humans. What we are now is not what we once were, so what do we do? Mourn the loss of what we were, or strive to regain it? It is my philosophy that we all ought to live our lives striving to regain the powers and the abilities with which the human race was created.
In endeavoring to retake control of our broken species we must identify what has caused the brokenness and how we can heal it. The problem is not a physical one, so we must first see how man is beyond physical in his existence. Man was created with a breath/spirit, in Hebrew called the ruach. This ruach came directly from God at the creation of the first man and woman; He placed in them a metaphysical force which is difficult to be understood, and impossible to explain. We call this strange thing life, and it is placed within us at conception. Life begins here, and this life, which lives in and around our physical bodies, is our connection to the One who created us. This life, or ruach, call it whatever you like, serves as a connection between humans and God, like an umbilical cord supports the life of the unborn, so we are connected to God by a literal but non-physical force.
God is omnipotent and omniscient; He has knowledge and understanding of all things, as well as the ability to perform any feat He chooses. He is also indefinitely dimensional, that is He holds sway over all other dimension. Three dimensional creatures have the ability to manipulate things in the second and first dimensions. Therefore, four dimensional creatures could manipulate us without our even knowing, but God is above all dimensions and therefore can interact in any one He chooses. Because God possesses these infinite powers, and because we are connected to Him through the ruach, we have access to much of this authority. Through this connection our prayers are heard outside of our dimension, even while they remain silent in ours.
Jesus of Nazareth had the best connection with God that any human has ever possessed, and it showed in His actions. Because of his ability to interact with other dimensions and interact with God, He fed 5,000 people with a small meal, he instantly calmed a fierce storm, he walked on top of water, he healed sick men, he raised some from death, and cast out demons. While he did these things through the power of God he assured us that ordinary humans had the same potential. "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." John 14:12. Because he has returned to God he now personally can send us greater abilities, we have the ability through our ruachim to do things greater than the miracles of Jesus Christ!
So how did he do these things? What gave him that strong connection with God? It was his lack of sin. Jesus never sinned, and it is sin that disrupts, clogs, and sometimes severs our spiritual umbilical cord. Therefore, in our journey to return to what humans were created to be we must first realize that the key difference between what we were and what we are now is that when we first came from the Creator's hand we had no sin.
Sin is not as ambiguous and indefinable as some think. Sin is simply defined as "lawlessness," or the refusal to obey God's law. So, the key to a higher state of existence is a higher state of morality and obedience towards God, and they will always act in proportion to each other. The immoral man has a ruptured ruach, his connection with God is weak, and therefore his spiritual energy is low. Spiritual energy is not just for supernatural acts, but even for such basic things as the ability to to have compassion, or to understand Scripture. As the saying goes, "spiritual things are spiritually discerned." One's spiritual ability is in proportion to their spiritual life, and it is sin that causes failure in this area. Doing anything contrary to the law of God we separate our selves from God. The old prophet Yeshayahu wrote, "For your iniquities have separated you from your God, and your sins have hidden His face from you." This presents for all of us quite an obstacle, considering we have all sinned. How can we ever reestablish our supernatural connection? God has made provision for this. First, when we ask for it, He has the ability to give us a new ruach, a new spirit, a sinless one. Our connection is then fresh, untouched by disobedience. This new ruach comes from Jesus, who lived a human life and preserved his spiritu without sin. He then, through a mysterious act which we cannot understand imparts to us his untainted life. Because of man's fallen nature, and his tendency towards disobedience the new spirit will not remain sinless for long, but it can be renewed simply by our asking. This renewing is not in itself salvation, but simply a provision which must be made before salvation occurs. God's aim is for us to grow in faith, trust, and spiritual energy so that we overcome our base passions, and arise to the maturity that the Messiah had, where we put sin out of our lives, and sustain a true connection with God.
We see now that man in his current state is quite carnal, quite beastly, but he was designed to be an elegant, regal, and powerful creature. Sin has damaged this existence, but God through the salvation which He both imparts to us through Jesus, and then works through us by continual "training in righteousness," can restore us to His image.